Commercial Leasing Services

For all businesses, maintaining cash flow is critical to maintaining your businesses day to day operations. With industrial and resource based industries, working with an experienced and versatile leasing partner can save you thousands through simple changes to the terms of your lease.

You need a leasing company with a strong background working in the mining, construction, forestry, transportation, manufacturing and industrial sectors.

At Elm Financial, we understand your small and mid-sized business leasing needs. Our team of lenders can provide affordable and flexible business leasing options based on your specific requirements.

You know it is important to have affordable and flexible business leasing options. Commercial leasing helps preserve your cash flow so you are able to keep your business moving forward.

As your commercial leasing partner we will work with you to:

Minimizing large expenses – Get what you need without spending cash reserves.

Maintain lines of credit – Lines of credit are best used for short term and emergency expenses, not for capital expenditures.
Tax advantages – Your lease payment can be 100% expensed. This saves you depreciating the asset and can lower your tax expenses.
Improve budgeting – By establishing fixed payments for your heavy equipment purchase you are better able to provide competitive cost estimates for new projects.
Reduce rental costs

Many contractors rent equipment by the day or week. Quite often one week?s rental is more than an entire month?s lease payment. By leasing, you have the
equipment available when you need it. Not when someone else returns it.
Contact us today to discuss your business’ heavy equipment leasing needs.

We provide commercial leasing services to businesses across Ontario and Canada.